Tuesday, March 10, 2009

In my life my dream is to become the real me. This 'me' consists of a lot of things. One is that I would like to become successful in Interior Design. I want to be able to decorate mine and others homes. In order to do that I will go to college and learn all I can about that.
I also want to become a wife and mother. I want to find a returned LDS missionary that has my same standards who will take me to the temple. I want to be able to have a family with him that loves each other and help each other uphold their standards.
My dream is to be able to have family reunions in which I'm surrounded by family. To be able to look back and remember the good times. I dream of having a beautiful home in a nice neighborhood filled with love. I dream of being self-sufficient and debt free. That is how I see my future and what i see as 'me'. I plan to achieve this dream by working really hard towards my goals and not settling for anything below my standards.

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